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The Iraqi polls have seemed to be trying to draw stats to back up preconceived theories.
Funville's 18 tracks represent the best hour of a two-hour studio jam session that was recorded uninterrupted, with no vocals, no overdubs, and no preconceived structure.
With no preconceived plans, just bags of rubbish, the often frenetic improvisation gives her work its energy and edge.
You can't afford to approach it with preconceived ideas or expectations.
While some very elegant solutions will be developed to problems generated by trying to visualize the NGN to fit a given set of preconceived notions, it is problematic as to the utility of these solutions.
He begins a carving without a preconceived design and lets the shape of the wood guide him.
The answer may be verbal, a sentence with its own remarkable thrust, or performative, a stroking of cock, a flexed tummy, but either answer may alter any preconceived notions of esthetics forever.
The event will give amputees the opportunity to not only demonstrate their skill, but to defy any preconceived notions of inability.
talk radio in the last two weeks, and who are equally quick to frame the story within their own preconceived notions.
Was he saying that any artistic attempt to deal with Auschwitz couldn't help but reduce it to the preconceived terms of popular understanding, to "common sense"?
Steps toward the evidence-based path, they write, include: Demand the facts, beware of your own preconceived ideas, rethink your assumptions, avoid casual benchmarking, know when the past has passed, and adopt an attitude of wisdom.
It's a great story, which is why it's even more of a shame that Nathanson can't do more with it than play up our already preconceived notions about fame and the movie business.