preconceived notion

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Professor Geoff Beattie who conducted the research said: "Historically, there has been a preconceived notion that Britain isn't a very touchy-feely nation but the results of this study suggests otherwise.
13) is an example of the preconceived notion that humans are the only animals that .
Painstakingly made from hand-cut paper and card and bits that were bought from cake shops and supermarkets, the cake's craftiness aims to evoke a fictional filmic dreamscape of London, which, in Lim's words, 'places familiar locations into unexpected environments, transforming our preconceived notion of each chosen location and the city.
It's a dangerous preconceived notion that the referees seem to be buying into.
I don't like it when people come to see PNB with a preconceived notion of what ballet is.
In that context, says Bohr, "Gruner can be a much easier sell than Reisling, because it carries fewer connotations, and people don't have that preconceived notion of sweetness.
JM: I don't think I ever had a preconceived notion of where I should be at any particular point in my life.
Despite the fact that women are increasingly electing to pursue non-traditional roles, there still tends to be a generation gap with gender attitudes - a preconceived notion that a women's place is not in the depths of a mine or out in a quarry, she says.
Dauten will challenge every preconceived notion you have about making your career take off.
He had no preconceived notion of who I was supposed to be," she said.
For the show at Rhondda Heritage Park, Ceri Barclay, Trefenna Collins, David Rees Davies, Andrew Seabourne Evans and Valerie Ganz all challenge the preconceived notion of the greyness of the Valleys in their own inimitable style.