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Thordarson also urged the Philippines to allow Callamard to visit without any precondition or limitation so she could conduct an objective assessment of the human rights situation in the country.
In reference to de Mistura's recent statements, al-Ja'afari said "al-Riyadh statement was intended to move us from the diplomatic process to the political process, but we found a new stance represented by proposing preconditions by the operators of the other delegation.
It calls the requirement of Syrian President departure, set in the opposition's Riyadh-2 communique, a precondition and main obstacle for a direct dialogue.
It also said that the withdrawal is the precondition to restarting dialogue.
The rebel faction said Sunday it has consented to join the dialogue after receiving a positive response to the preconditions they set earlier for joining the dialogue.
By failure to conduct a separate field (tests) based on investigation on the part of MacroAsia prior to the extraction stage of its mining operation, the NCIP, thus, correctly denied MacroAsia's application for issuance of certification precondition," the CA ruled.
VATICAN CITY * A Vatican study group is urging world leaders to stop the flow of arms into Syria and to press for an immediate and complete cease-fire there with no political preconditions.
The Euro area Finance Ministers are expected to evaluate Cyprus' privatization program, which is a precondition for the disbursement of the third tranche amounting to e1/4186 million.
Khalaf said the organisation still hoped to raise those points in talks, but their inclusion was not a precondition.
This is a precondition, and we oppose such conditions.
Gidday, PhD, associate professor of neurological surgery and ophthalmology, and others have previously shown that the right kinds of stress, such as exercise and low-oxygen environments, can precondition cells and induce changes that make them more resistant to injury and disease.
This applies particularly to any precondition that needs to be satisfied on or before the break date.