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This process is precursory to a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) which may be issued at a later date.
Illness perceptions in Brazilian women with cervical cancer, women with precursory lesions and healthy women.
Helene Cixous's famous call for women to write has been heard among women playwrights, and their work, indeed, is acting "as a springboard for subversive thought, the precursory movement of a transformation of social and cultural structures" (879).
As a kind of precursory project to the Tate exhibition, though focusing on different media, an international conference 'Framing Film--Cinema and the Visual Arts' was held at the University of Winchester in 2009.
Precursory interest from private equity investors has prompted US health and wellness products retailer GNC Holdings Inc (NYSE:GNC) to consider a sale and the company has embarked on talks with banks regarding its options.
and Axel Scherer, a Neches professor of physics, electrical engineering, and applied physics at the California Institute of Technology works in a similar way, using chips measuring 90 microns (smaller than a grain of sand) to prowl for endothelial cells that are sloughed off an artery wall in the precursory period before a heart attack.
The judge has ordered the trial be held in secret for the defendants' privacy, with lawyers demanding a precursory EGP 10,000 as temporary reparation for the victims, Mahmoud said.
The red in Tess is a precursory symbol of Tess's final sacrifice at the altar of the gods.
This essay is a precursory attempt to examine the process of resistance and its fruitful results in Avatar the Last Airbender in which, the projection of the entangled power relations between the Firelord, who is represented as a tyrannical power symbol and Aang, the rebellious resistance leader will be examined.
Some activity monitors are also capable of monitoring rumination (how many times per day a cow chews her cud); cows with reduced rumination are flagged for examination, as reduced rumination is often a precursory sign of illness.
A string of observatories and laboratories are already in place across the Kingdom to monitor various earthquake precursory phenomena, he added.