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This section provides the precursory technical information necessary to define the experiment that was conducted, including definitions of terms, implementation details, controlled and independent variables, and specification of the methods used.
55) As a corrective that expands the scope of African American literary criticism, the earlier survey of ancient Kemet's appearance in the African American literary tradition, primarily at the ripening of literary movements and in theater, is precursory discussion for an analysis of ancient Kemet's contemporary evolution as an application of cosmology (per Afrocentricity).
This text is apt for Latin American literature courses, particularly because of its precursory role to magical realism and its focus on an Afro-Hispanic consciousness.
Starring Reece Ritchie (The Lovely Bones; Prince Of Persia ) and Stephanie Leonidas (Yes; MirrorMask), Atlantis incorporates the latest CGI technology to bring viewers face to face with one of history's greatest disasters - from the precursory earthquakes through the eruption sequence to the pyroclastic flows and tsunamis.
Historically, Existentialism garnered the immediate attention of critics, as is the case of the work of Luigi Pareyson, Sabino Alonso-Fueyo and Julian Marias, who recognized the precursory involvement of the Spanish philosophers Miguel de Unamuno and Jose Ortega y Gasset.
However, the common background of that book is inspired from Roth's precursory works (1996, 1967), consisting in encouraging the introduction of toll mechanisms and introducing the private enterprise operating rules in the management of road infrastructures.
4) Three bilayers of (PDDA/PSS) were deposited as a precursory foundation for further LbL assembly layer.
Apart from Budrys's novel sounding like a satire on the expendability of infantry in the all-too-real game of war, what Rogue Moon offers is a precursory exemplum of early video gaming experiences, the now proverbial "three lives" with which to navigate deadly simulated topography, where the emulated experience of death becomes a game of mastery--and of death defiance.
Hence, in Chinese tradition, Taoism and Buddhism are often indistinguishable in practice from spirit-animism and spirit-mediumship that appears to derive from precursory customs and belief systems.