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82) A predecision warrant is defined as a warrant issued "prior to the rendering to that person of a decision or determination of the State Tax Commission.
Clearly, the problem appears to be not so much at the postdecision stage, but at the predecision stage, with almost 60 percent of firms considering the process slow and expensive.
Feature Matching, Unique Features, and the Dynamics of the Choice Process: Predecision Conflict and Postdecision Satisfaction.
The group's predecision draft stated that a strategic plan for MCS was warranted (The Interagency Workgroup on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 1998).
In a December 2005 predecision proposal to Dr Theodore Barna, Assistant Deputy Undersecretary Defense/Advanced Systems and Concepts recommended that the DoD establish an Energy, Power, and Fuels Office (EPFO), composed of Service, OSD, and interagency representatives to lead a multifaceted approach (called the Assured Fuels Initiative) for military energy security focused primarily on synthetic fuels production.
I was in favor, initially, of the change to a bifurcated system, because I was concerned about the appearance of prejudice or predecision making by the same group of people.
predecision versus post-decision information) to different types of auctions, price dispersions, predatory pricing, signals and "signaling theory," credit rationing, antitrust implications, different kinds of economic equilibria, contingent markets and constraining contract clauses, competition among agents, even to cheating and misinformation.
While stressing the importance of predecision joint consultations and consensus building at all levels, Domei calls for the negotiation of a labor-management agreement on technological innovation in each enterprise.
In further support of her conclusion about the case, Judge Read proffered a piece of legislative history--a letter from the board's counsel to the governor's counsel--that showed no indication that the words "compensated" and compensation were intended to "encompass predecision interest.
Among the findings of the work group, as reported in the predecision draft-for-comment, are the following facts:
All subjects completed an informed consent form which indicated that the decision making session would be videotaped, our interest was only in group rather individual level data, and their confidentiality was assured for both completion of predecision and postdecision making session and analyses of the videotape record of the session.