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Charles Nelson's team of consulting geotechnical engineers was also part of the predesign team, informing the planning process with their expertise from the very beginning.
Like predesign, site analysis deals with large-scale issues such as site selection and programming.
This manual of practice includes such topics as predesign surveys, including subsurface investigation, drilled path issues such as penetration angles, depth of penetration, radius of curvature, complex installations and casings, pipe design including issues for steel and polyethylene pipe, construction impact, and preparation of as-built documentation.
This predesign phase allows the team to examine the proposed scope of the project before major commitments are made.
During the predesign phase, long before the architect is hired, a library consultant may be retained to perform site selection or write the building program.
Tenders are invited for Architectural Services - Washington State Archives Building Predesign
AFG's Director of Programs/Construction Management Services, Paul Szmurlo, PE, will be the Firm's Contract Executive overseeing the contract from predesign through post construction.
1 Predesign Phase a) Kick-off meeting with City s Project Manager and Parks & Recreation staff to review the items listed in Attachment D, tour sites to investigate and confirm existing conditions, and determine the best approach to proceed b) Perform research and surveys as needed to determine design requirements for each project area c) Consider how any alterations will affect the flow, aesthetics, and general use of each park or facility and the ease of maintenance of any ADA upgrades to be designed RFP #PUR0815-037 Design Services for ADA Compliance for Parks & Recreation Department 10/2015 Page 10 of 47 d) Prepare opinion of probable cost for construction bid(s) 4.
Paul Szmurlo, AFG's Director of Federal Program/ Construction Management Services, will serve as AFG's Contract Executive and will oversee all tasks from predesign through post construction.
AFG is responsible for the overall management of the entire design build process from predesign through post construction.
This project provides for the Predesign review, verification, and analysis, and design and construction of a multiple phase HVAC systems upgrade for the Heintz Center building.