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But when the sublet ended abruptly last fall, it began a search for new digs and came across an unusual find predesigned, pre-furnished and prewired space, at 5 Maxess Road in Melville.
8 power unit is a predesigned unit, including the cooling system, aftertreatment and diesel exhaust fluid tank, providing power from 100 hp to 130 hp (75-97 kW).
The mileage challenge witnessed keen participation from enthusiastic Altima owners who drove on predesigned routes.
The use of these predesigned press control function blocks allows machine design engineers to easily and cost-effectively add critical safety control functions to both new and existing industrial press systems.
Also, we must listen intently, with an open mind, to all other sources of information and insights, rather than rely solely on either incomplete, inaccurate or selective information that fits a predesigned militarist solution or response to the roots of the armed conflict.
Services/Deliverables: The City is seeking a player tunnel, and desires proposals for tunnels with solid color nylon fabric with scissor folding design, predesigned inflatable tunnel, or a customized tunnel.
Apartments feature exposed brick, predesigned kitchens, modern baths and more than ample closet space.
The modular product line consists of several predesigned static and semistatic crushing and screening "plug and play" modules.
Stressing that the nature of Arak heavy water reactor won't change at all, he said, "The power of Arak reactor won't reduce and it will continue its predesigned path and we will possibly decrease or obviate the concerns existing about it by some changes.
Datacard said that this eliminates the need for predesigned card and carrier stock and ultimately reduces inventory costs.
If you go for a timberframed home, then you may be able to pick something predesigned.
G&D also supplies predesigned EMV cards that can be personalized in-house and issued directly to the customer.