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4) Insofar as godly attempts to self-separate from the wicked through social regulation had predestinarian underpinnings, my focus on the difficulty of reading the conditions of souls complements the work of Lake and others who deal with Measure for Measure's engagement with macropolitical questions of Christian justice and godly rule; and I will return in closing to the implications for the state of the spiritual question: how do I know who is saved and who is damned?
In general, the Twelve Articles try very hard to include some Calvinistic, predestinarian ideas, but these are overshadowed by the strong universalistic Arminian ones that followed.
Al-Walid's statements suggest that there were gradations of predestinarian thought and that, while resistance to God's will was possible, it was doomed to fail.
And so, when a playgoer or reader reconsiders lago's assertion at the beginning of the play that Cassio "had th'election" in the light of Cassio's later predestinarian utterances in his act 2 dialogue with lago, he or she wonders whether Cassio is elect in the play's theology.
But scenes of hell in the play are associated not only with basic predestinarian questions of agency--of who does what--but also with questions of sufficiency, of what or how much is required from whom.
John Coffey demonstrates that Goodwin's rejection of predestinarian Calvinism in favour of Arminian free will happened gradually over the 1630s and 40s.
This development broke the stranglehold of the Augustinian and Calvinist predestinarian tradition on American Christianity.
Although Johnstone provides a few examples, this reviewer would have appreciated more discussion of the problematic relationship between diabolism and predestinarian theology.
This stark predestinarian position on the part of Tawhidi crowns the religious vision in which he discounts the value of books.
20) For a complete picture of successive interpretations of the Pelagian controversy--semi-Pelagian, predestinarian, Lutheran, Baiana, Jansenist, Neopelagian, of Church teaching and Catholic theology, cf.
Freedom for him does not mean freedom to choose only the good, as it does for Paul and Augustine and the long predestinarian tradition taken up by Luther and Calvin and their modern followers.
Substitutionary thinking, combining predestinarian logic with medieval chivalry, culminated in Anselm's Cur Deus Homo, written in the context of the Crusades and the beginning of European persecution of the Jews (73-122).