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The Story of the Predestined Pilgrim and His Brother Reprobate" is an expert and deftly accomplished English translation by academician Christopher C.
We are not predestined to reach any goal," he writes.
00pm, Sky1 A farm boy (Ed Speelers) happens upon a dragon's egg in his homeland of Alagaesia - a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realises he's the one person who can defend his home against an evil king.
Don't say that women in some parts of the world have small children because they are predestined to do so.
Hong Kong, June 26, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - One of Asia's largest financial hubs, is predestined to be a pioneer in the development of crytocurrencies.
While the photoelectric sensors are predestined for applications with very small objects and high speed thanks to their precise light spot, the great advantage of ultrasonic sensors is that they detect almost every object.
His works are full of 'naturalness' - the viewer is free to form their own opinions and not merely swallow the predestined thoughts of the painter or follow any strict guidelines.
For better or worse, dance was their only option, an outcome predestined regardless of any obstacles along the way.
But there was, emphatically, nothing calculated about the expressiveness of Sudbin's playing: whether in a pair of Scarlatti sonatas (one played with historically-informed chastity, the other with steel-fingered Romantic bravura), a performance of Debussy's L'Isle joyeuse in which even the smallest bass phrase seemed to sing, and the concert's predestined climax; Scriabin's superheated Fifth Sonata, delivered with flying panache.
According to the book, although no one knew how to transmit to the media the idea that there was a predestined successor to Ferguson, Mourinho was most affected by the propaganda surrounding the move.
Alternatively a tale of David's coming of age, his struggles with racism, his rebellion against his predestined future set by the strict Reverend King, and his later years as an illegal after-hours tavern owner who keeps company with a German ex-prostitute, this is a story about redemption and forgiveness.
Advanced UNIVAL technology is proven for automotive and aeronautic textiles, and it is predestined for technical textiles in the sports, industrial, and medical sectors.