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We are not going with a predetermined mindset," she said in response to a query.
Index Insurance … An insurance product that pays insured amount to the insured when an index, such as observed values of specific weather, meets predetermined conditions.
With the help of thousands of football fans participating in this study since 2000, Manuel Morales has compiled evidence that the hidden variables Einstein pursued in the final thirty years of his life, consists of direct and indirect selection which gives us predetermined states of certainty and probability of physical properties and events.
As I get older, I sometimes feel that things have been predetermined for me whether I liked it, wanted it, wished for it, whatever," the Mirror quoted him as saying.
HAKODATE, Japan - Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Hirohide Yamaguchi said Wednesday that the central bank will decide what to do with its temporary funding measures by carefully checking corporate financing and financial markets ''without any predetermined view,'' and in a way predictable to investors.
This election is clearly wide open, and telling readers that the results are predetermined is the only guaranteed way of driving down turnout, something none of us would want.
An intervention is most acceptable when it has been shown in a randomized controlled trial to be better able to accomplish a predetermined outcome than is some other intervention or no intervention at all (placebo).
A winter 2005 newsletter from the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education warned that the IEP writer system for San Diego City Schools "does not permit the Individual Education Program Team to individualize the IEP, without constraints and predetermined content, to address all areas of the student's needs.
CDP provides a continuum of recovery points for a given data set--offering the ability to access ANY point in time, not just those specific times predetermined by a snapshot process.
Management features include: a data warehouse that contains secure, integrated data from a single facility, and is capable of providing analysis capabilities across many facilities as a collective entity; an OLAP tool for tracking and analyzing areas such as billing and collections, inventory levels, case costing and clinical quality assurance; high-level graphical depictions of predetermined performance metrics for quickly gauging a company's status; event-driven notifications and ad hoc reporting.
Transcendental Illuminations does not shy away from presenting metaphysical arguments about sensitive topics such as abortion (the claim is made that whether one has an abortion is based on God's predetermined dharma for each individual soul experience, and therefore there is no transgression against God).
With the state budget in perpetual crisis, the time has come for leaders - not predetermined formulas - to do the hard work of governing.