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One of the most salient differences between them is that attach can never be used with the comitative preposition with but only with to, which shows that there exists an asymmetric relation between the two entities being attached (x a y), and that the reciprocal interpretation in attach is only possible if the logical structure for attach is subsumed into the higher-level resultative construction, which would imply that the two entities are of comparable status and as a result a symmetric relation can be predicated between them (x << y).
If a substance (major extreme A) is predicated of every animal (middle term B), and if an animal (B) is predicated of every man (minor extreme C), the inferential necessity is for a substance (A) to be predicated of every man (C).
Summary: Morocco's 2010 Finance Bill is predicated on 3.
Let us observe that the mentioned predicated meet, taken two by two, the conditions of independence (none is the logic result of another), of consistency (none is contradictory with another) and of completeness (the simultaneous verification of the five predicates generates a [GAMMA] construct which will function as an AFS, according to the statements made in paragraph bellow concerning the concept of AFS).
According to one of the main claims formulated in this analysis, the verbal particle is a secondary predicate predicated of the theme argument (in what follows, theme equals to underlying direct internal argument).
In (34), the past participle perdue 'lost' is predicated of the relative pronoun que, which directly follows its antecedent efficacite 'efficiency'.
This inclusion brings particular responsibilities and is predicated on personal reformation.
The predictions that Angelenos are in for a nightmarish commute in a couple decades are predicated on the extrapolations of current commutes and expected traffic growth without any change in the amount of roads or lanes.
What is predicated of a would be that it is a property which a does not possess, but what is predicated of b would be that it is a property which b does not possess.
This uses electromagnetic actuation: that operates a low-torque clutch which, in turn, is amplified via a cam-and-ball mechanism, which then applies the main clutch; the amount of torque is predicated on such things as vehicle speed, turning radius, and wheel slip.
Stanley's expedition was a risky venture at best; but even the most pessimistic could not have predicated the disasters which would take them a year to reach Emim Pasha.
Our perfect play-calling combination for a game would be pass 45% and run 55%, predicated on the type of defense we see from game-to-game and down-to-down.