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According to Automotive News, 'the deal is predicated upon an expedited resolution to the ongoing strike called by the International UAW against American Axle.
Obviously, it is predicated upon my good health, which I hope will continue.
Additionally, the defendants contended that any part of the plaintiff's suit predicated upon lack of informed consent necessarily failed inasmuch as it was unsupported by the record and further, that the complaint failed to allege affirmative violations of the patient's physical integrity.
The potential implosion of the United States is predicated upon the emergence of Asia as the focal point of future world leadership.
The process for an Observer to obtain full Member status takes approximately 2 years to complete, and is predicated upon undergoing a successful mutual evaluation.
My decision to focus on a one-man Dale Chihuly show to celebrate our 17th Anniversary was predicated upon my belief that his work exquisitely articulates the visual thrust that has defined our gallery and its impact in the southern United States," says William Lowe, owner and founder of the gallery.
claims for delay damages predicated upon uncontemplated delays and abandonment.
Double Progression -- This very simple, yet extremely effective strategy is predicated upon a rudimentary element of progressive overload--add weight when higher reps can be achieved.
The case for property is predicated upon assumed levels of rental growth and it is this area that perhaps could cause some concern going forward," Brixton said.
and Israeli views on military offensives and the "war on terror," predicated upon writing off Islam's possible coexistence with the West.
Carnes posits that all but the highest fraternal rituals further perpetuated a gendered bifurcation of society, constructing male identities that were predicated upon men's alienation from both women in the household and from religious spheres that also carried the taint of femaleness in Victorian culture.
It is rather an attentive reading predicated upon the idea that a unity underlies the Qur'an's use of the root k-t-b.