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The primary analysis examined Semantic MEDLINE output in the general form "Intervention X_PREVENTS_Disease Y" for summarized output for each of the three disease topic groups, along with the associated citation from which each semantic predication originated.
How does (a)symmetry affect the complexity of the functional domain of predication in Erzya?
supporting the fallen (Ps 3:6; 145:14, see predication 8)
For the first problem (Predominant meaning inundation), we will use an adaptation of the predication algorithm (Kintsch, 2001) to filter out irrelevant content.
The distinction between hierarchical and equipollent configurations was manifest in FG's differential treatment of modifiers in the term, (9) as in the fascinating book, and modifiers of the (nuclear) predication, as in the boy read the book in the library (DIK, 1997).
Secondly, I will show that some Hausa possessive constructions are indeed based on the various grammaticalization schemas proposed in Heine (1997), but that the most frequent naa+da possessive predication in (1b) derives from the combination of a locative and an existential proposition in a structure [[possessor-NP be at] [exists possessed-NP]].
Let us now consider Predication, as illustrated in the following statements:
The present paper will consider the prototypical and non-prototypical coding of class-inclusion and property predication in Estonian.
He achieved a great transformation of the predication in using the media (radio and television) to deliver his view on modern life.
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Both processors integrate an embedded PowerPC 603e core, incorporating a 32-bit processor with floating point, memory management, branch predication unit and 16K data and 16K instruction cache.