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But speakers of the two languages differ in how they put these strategies to use in locative predications.
The glowing predications stand in stark comparison to those of recent years, which seemed to grow successively gloomier despite the REIT industry's consistent double-digit returns.
Elsewhere the heavyweight mining stocks gained on the back of upbeat 2006 metal price predications, with Kazakhmys adding 35.
Clothing retailer Next bore out its own gloomy predications of slowing consumer spending yesterday with a 6.
It was used only to mark some secondary predications expressing time relations (Leetberg 1934), as in
Statements included herein that state the Company's or Management's intentions, hopes, beliefs, expectations or predications of the future are "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 which by their nature, involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties.
Predications are that stored data will soon be entering the petabyte range.
There were predications of rain, but also forecasts that placed the temperature around 70 degrees.
Predications have three features: the basic allegation, the source of the allegation, and the date the allegation was received.
USW officials say the report confirms the union's predications that the company's ideologically driven cessation of tire production at unionized facilities in the US would lead to supply shortages and trouble with tire dealers.
Rather, they provide a necessary step towards supplying licensable surrogates for the essential predications that cannot logically be drawn from the incomprehensible nature of God, yet would seem needed for the Summa's declared genre of argued theology.
It is hoped the campaign will help Denbighshire and its partners capitalise on predications that more people will holiday at home this year due to the credit crunch.