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While productivity pertains to generalized word-formation rules based on which new complex words are formed meaning predictability concerns potential meanings of individual complex words.
The technical presentation of these is not necessary in this study, due to the above mentioned direct connotation between the used measure and the definition of predictability, nonetheless technically we will be approximating the Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy (Sinai, 1959).
Businesses want predictability of taxes because they also need predictability of investment returns," he added.
There is a significant association between liquidity risk and predictability of short-term profit of banks listed in Tehran Stock Exchange.
Increasing horizontal resolution also raises the issue of predictability on such fine scales.
2) These findings, combined with recent research indicating that issuing intentionally optimistic earnings forecasts is not an effective method to curry favor with management, lead us to explore whether the level of earnings is also an important control variable when considering the relation between analyst forecast errors and earnings predictability.
H1: The DA type chosen will be the least effective DA type for at least one of the predictability environments.
This area is going to become increasingly important for medium- and extended-range predictions," says Tim Palmer, who heads the predictability section of the world's top forecasting office, the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts in Reading, England.
Research Analysis of the predictability of the P/E ratio in investment diligence and the predictability of the factor.
Meaning predictability in word formation; novel, context-free naming units.