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It can play a similar role in Pakistan, provided government ensures long-term predictable policies and environment,' he concluded.
Predictable Plan is available for either natural gas or electricity or both.
I'm excited to take on this role and to focus my attention on Predictable Success providing the highest possible quality content and services to our clients," said McKeown.
Lionsgate's earnings may become more predictable with the addition of Summit's "Twilight" franchise and grosses from the "Hunger Games" franchise.
Predictable Surprises is logically organized in a manner that directly contributes to rapid understanding.
So predictable is the formula for high-school history textbooks that it is ripe for parody.
Predictable Surprises opens with a discussion of the events of September 11, 2001, and the collapse of Enron and Arthur Andersen.
As my experience in the simulator with and without accelerative motion demonstrates, without accelerative motion, the system is not as predictable as with accelerative motion.
CORRECTION: What is predictable is that North Korea will continue to employ blackmail and break its promises.
According to a recent white paper by THINKstrategies, which provides services for IT solutions providers, "providers of utility computing services provide their clients a comprehensive set of IT planning, implementation and management services for a simple, predictable fee.
For the most part, Triple Take is predictable and at times implausible.
As a result, the molecules build into predictable shapes.