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Predictable Surprises is logically organized in a manner that directly contributes to rapid understanding.
So predictable is the formula for high-school history textbooks that it is ripe for parody.
An obvious but often overlooked recommendation in the analysis of fly-by-wire systems is that developers should attempt to design predictable flight models that don't just mimic natural aircraft response but truly match it.
The appendages, called cyanophenyl groups, made predictable linkages with each other.
36) Predictable movements in the slope coefficients of explanatory variables are based on the estimated persistence of past coefficient changes and may include, as a special limiting case, the one-time slope-coefficient shifts specified in the body of this article.
These results attest to the reasonably predictable and reliable temperature losses sustained during wire treatment.
The CHO program offers employers a means by which to take the guesswork out of funding their healthcare and workers' compensation expenses by enabling them to create a stable budget with predictable monthly costs," said Paul F.
Those of us who shoulder the tax-paying burden have every right to expect that the manner in which we are taxed will be both fair and predictable.
Researchers made life predictable for 12 grasshoppers so even a bug brain could learn where to find the good food.
Process capability is defined as "the portion of a predictable process output that remains within the specification limits.
The Force10 TeraScale E-Series combines leading density and unmatched resiliency to bring the predictable performance and seamless scalability enterprises like Impress Group require in their data centers.