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9 earthquake and tsunami, Whitney Houston's death, sinking of the Costa Concordia, the train fire in India, William and Kate's pregnancy, accurately predicting the Oscars, and more.
Lee Ryder and Kevin Dinsdale both thought Newcastle would easily win so walked away with two points after predicting 4-0 and 2-0 respectively.
To learn more about the science of predicting student performance, call 1.
A comprehensive mathematical model is a useful tool for predicting the effects of recovery boiler upgrades.
Even with a recovering economy, construction industry leaders are again "optimistic, but cautions" about predicting the yearly outlook for the industry.
The variables best predicting the behavioral intention of whether or not participants intended to sign the donor card at the time of the experiment were having taken the brochure (B=.
If the new simulation proves reliable for predicting El Ninos years in advance, many regions could benefit.
Predicting SARS dynamics on the basis of data from early in the epidemic could have lead to untenable conclusions (11); however, we found that the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong and Singapore in May 2003, was not in an early stage.
Combine the state of the economy and the ever-increasing operational role the CFO plays in today's corporations, and it is crystal clear that accurately predicting demand and profitably creating demand are crucial to success.
A recently developed PBPK model for perchlorate and iodide kinetics in the lactating and neonatal rat demonstrates the utility of PBPK modeling in predicting maternal and neonatal distribution of these two compounds.
NIST scientists have recently developed and validated a model for predicting the kinetic energy of ions in plasma etching reactors used by the semiconductor industry.
The new report offered a more optimistic appraisal of California's energy conservation effort, predicting it would save an average of 1,250 megawatts per day during the summer compared with the 596 megawatts forecast by the ISO.

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