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The advantage of using PBPK models for predicting perchlorate kinetics and iodide inhibition, as well as for other chemicals, is increased confidence in predicted kinetics under different exposure scenarios and in different species.
Surgical correction of nasal obstruction in the treatment of mild sleep apnoea: Importance of cephalometry in predicting outcome.
Specifically, the EITF proposed estimating the current market value of assets expected to be sold by first predicting a future market value and then discounting it back to a present value.
Pretty good predicting, I'd say, although the 'hacks and publicists' charge is proving tough to shake.
Typical of their research would be investigations into factors impacting on return to work after burn injuries (Helm, Walker, and Peyton, 1986), predicting earnings of clients with visual impairments (Gandy, 1986), predicting return to work after a cerebral infarction (Howard, Till, Toole, Matthews, & Truscott, 1986), predicting dropouts from a vocational rehabilitation program (Tseng, 1972; Worrall & Vandergroot, 1980), and predicting which employees with disabilities will return to work (Hester, Decelles, & Gaddis, 1986).
Predicting Shrinkage Porosity The objective of all of this analysis is to predict the presence or absence of areas of potential shrinkage porosity in a casting.
The use of DRGs for predicting mortality or other clinical outcomes was never intended in their construction and has not been validated.
In predicting an average sales increase well in excess of seven percent, and even greater growth among the very largest retailers, CMOs are clearly more positive about holiday sales than previous forecasts issued by some national retail organizations.
When predicting CPU usage based on a fixed allocation, AVNMP required as many as 12 rollbacks per prediction cycle to maintain the desired f idelity during 200 simulated seconds.
Thus it can be concluded that a constant stress motion is essential in predicting energy loss especially for truck tires.
Debate over the VAN method of predicting earthquakes is the subject this week of an entire issue of the American Geophysical Union's publication, Geophysical Research Letters.
The purpose of this paper was to determine the appropriateness of statistical techniques in predicting vocational placement levels of people with physical disabilities in Japan.

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