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So, the man of literature makes good, to my notion, for he pays, cheerful, for everything, the capital of me and Tobin being exhausted by prediction.
He possessed illegal convictions in his mind along the subjects of black cats, lucky numbers, and the weather predictions in the papers.
Bumble's glance, however; for that functionary, on whom the prediction of the gentleman in the white waistcoat had made a very strong impression, thought that now the undertaker had got Oliver upon trial the subject was better avoided, until such time as he should be firmly bound for seven years, and all danger of his being returned upon the hands of the parish should be thus effectually and legally overcome.
It was written that the day would pass away and realize all the predictions that had been made in the morning.
So, tried by the test of appearances, Dame Dermody's confident forecast of our destinies had failed to justify itself, and had taken its place among the predictions that are never fulfilled.
No one dared to tell him the dark predictions of the great oculist who came to look at them, and the boy tried to be patient, thinking that a few weeks of rest would repair the overwork of several years.
The morning, in spite of Matthew's predictions, was fine and Anne's spirits soared to their highest.
Hush, let's hear the rest of the predictions," said Cecily.
The greater number of the young women, who envied Anna and had long been weary of hearing her called virtuous, rejoiced at the fulfillment of their predictions, and were only waiting for a decisive turn in public opinion to fall upon her with all the weight of their scorn.
The significance of the present study is to show practically to managers, investors and other decision makers that profit prediction by management is effective on the company's risk and value, and implementation of better disclosure methods has a relationship with the companies' higher valuation and capital expenses decrease and risk reduction.
Prediction is a kind of anticipation or estimate on the flow or units that may occur in aspects of production, shipping or sale.
LONDON, August 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Footbo, the social network for football fans worldwide, today launched its prediction game for more than 50 international leagues.

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