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Similarly, the Kentucky bluegrass genotype SR-2000 growing in Carbondale, IL, in 1991 was identified by AMMI-F as the winning genotype but the more predictively accurate KBG AMMI-7 model picked SR-2100 as the winning genotype and ranked SR-2000 80th based on the KBG AMMI-7 adjusted means.
The quantity r is a function of x plus the quantity [delta]bias, which is defined as the difference in predictive accuracy between Best(PAR) and the most predictively accurate hypothesis in LIN.
The AMMI-1 model was diagnosed for this particular dataset by validation calculations that identified AMMI-1 as the most predictively accurate member of the AMMI family.
The most predictively accurate hypothesis in such small families will also be close to the data, and therefore close to L(K).
IBM will help KWA establish a Water Management Center using the IBM Intelligent Water Software to bring all the distribution and consumption data from meters to a central dashboard where water usage can be effectively and predictively monitored and managed.
For reference, the contracting authority considers that predictively 10-25 operations renovation, rehabilitation, restructuring, upgrading and new construction of buildings will be assigned a year to control external work.
Ability to query data predictively including analyzing key influencers, forecasting, shopping basket analysis and more.
Available via the cloud, Infor PeopleAnswers Talent Science uses science, technology, and analytics to predictively link behavioral data to real business outcomes, helping companies improve business performance, reduce turnover, and optimize the HR process.
Twenty Wireless Freezer Monitors were installed, and the system predictively detected failures on four freezers.
The SolarWinds relationship will allow Meru to offer two complementary network management solutions that when used in conjunction enable customers to predictively and proactively manage their complete network infrastructure and highly-optimize business-critical applications.
Predictively, for information, the preparation period is set in November and December 2013 and work from January 2014 to February 2015.
Integrated directly with the Meru Service Assurance Platform, these new management, security and diagnostic tools are designed to deliver IT organizations the ability to predictively and proactively manage and optimize the end-to-end performance of the entire WLAN infrastructure - anticipating and resolving performance, interference and security issues.