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Table 4 reports the mean of Task 3 initial predictions (PI) by treatment, gender of the predictor, and gender of the target.
A generalized predictor is proposed in this section to show that most of the predictors mentioned above fall under this category.
At the end of seventh grade, the psychosocial model revealed three significant predictors of sexual initiation: Adolescents' odds of having had sex at this stage decreased as their own beliefs, or their perceptions of friends' beliefs, that one should refrain from sexual intercourse increased (odds ratio, 0.
In 166 patients with a streptococcal pharyngitis prevalence of 24%, the predictors were accurate for estimating the probability of a positive culture.
After the data were controlled for type of anesthesia used and emergency nature of the surgery, the risk index that included a chronic disease score [is greater than or equal to] 5,000 in place of ASA [is greater than or equal to] 3 (Figure 2B) was a stronger predictor of surgical site infection than the traditional NNIS score (Figure 2A) (p [is less than] 0.
Only three participants identified presence of tracheal secretions as a useful predictor of readiness to commence weaning.
Section 3 and Section 4 present our simulation methodology setup and branch predictor analysis, respectively.
The investigators then looked for novel predictors, including biomarkers.
For both men and women, younger age was an independent predictor of prescription opioid use and abuse, with the age group 18-25 at the highest risk.
Naturally, some of drawbacks have been eliminated by improving the idea and creating many modifications of Smith predictor (Watanabe & Ito, 1981); (Astrom et al.
Two of the world's most passionate footballing nations, Spain and Brazil, are favourites to go head to head in the 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM) Final according to the Castrol Predictor, a new tool launched today by 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM) sponsor Castrol (http://www.
In contrast, parents' REACTIVE involvement was a significant predictor of academic achievement.