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Ball, Eckel, and Heracleous (2010) use EG's procedures but instruct predictors to act as financial advisors and choose gambles for each of the targets.
The list of described predictors of weaning and extubation readiness was assembled by the authors through a multi-database search of electronic resources using the following keywords: 'weaning', 'weaning readiness', 'extubation' and 'extubation readiness'.
Despite their impressive simulation accuracy, to the best of our knowledge no commercial efforts have publicly announced incorporating such branch predictors because these branch predictors are commonly known to exhibit high prediction latency and long training periods with increased area and energy per prediction [13].
After controlling for other outcome predictors, including UPCR and CRP, the researchers found that the adjusted annual risk of the composite end point in patients who were in the lowest tertile for NT-proBNP and had an undetectable TnT was 5%, climbing stepwise to 30% per year in those in the top tertile for NT-proBNP and a TnT greater than the median 0.
Results described in both abstracts indicate the potential utility of genomic predictors in forecasting individual patient response to chemotherapy.
Naturally, some of drawbacks have been eliminated by improving the idea and creating many modifications of Smith predictor (Watanabe & Ito, 1981); (Astrom et al.
Specifically, parents' control of TV watching and limiting activity was positive predictors of math achievement.
It is clear from the research stated earlier in this article that assessment of work adjustment skills is the best predictor of vocational success.
These studies also highlight the importance of protecting platelets in addition to neutrophils, as platelet count in the lethal setting has been shown in these studies to be the best predictor for survival.
Stress, strain, and hardiness as predictors of adaptation in farm and ranch families.
Increased age and low hostility significantly predicted SBP among women, while high levels of self-deception were the only significant predictors of SBP and DBP over time among men.
Perceived risk of STDs also continued to be a significant predictor of women's intentions to wait two or more months with a new main partner (1.