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35 predisposal fee collected is used to supplement the counties' costs for waste tire recycling and services.
This document, however, provides guidance for the regulations for the Siting of Nuclear Facilities, Design of Nuclear Power Plants, Radiation Dose Limits and Optimisation of Radiation Protection for Nuclear Facilities, Application for a Licence to Construct a Nuclear Facility, Radiation Protection and Predisposal Radioactive Waste Management for Nuclear Facilities and the upcoming Regulation for an Application for a Licence to Operate a Nuclear Facility.
The coalition argued that the DEC was overreaching in requiring cleanup of the sites to predisposal conditions, and said that the NYS Superfund remedial program adopted in 1979 required only that any "significant threat to the environment" be removed.
A central office should determine the disposition of both the NF and ND assets at the bases and depots, program for disposal funds (for those items with demilitarization codes requiring funds for predisposal actions) and direct the disposal of the assets.
It is thus apparent that maternal micronutrient restriction during pregnancy and / or lactation altered the body composition of the offspring in a way suggestive of their predisposal to insulin resistance and associated diseases in their later life.