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She emphasized that the key factors that form predominant part of lifestyle modification are exercise, diet, smoking cessation, curbing alcohol intake among others.
This is definitely his most involved trip to the future or the past because he's there for a predominant part of the episode and tries to get some clues as to how [Iris' murder at the hands of Savitar] went down in the future so he can come back and stop it," Gustin said.
The competition in internet retailing will be increasingly intense, as the predominant part of stationary operators have already opened or are going to open their own branded online stores.
Estates manager Kirstie Webb said: "The redevelopment is a really exciting project because the building is such a predominant part of the town's back-back drop and by next spring everyone will be able to see just how much hard work has been involved.
It's the case that the predominant part of our programming to date is dubbed content from our global shows; but with aACAyI Am Nat Geo Photographer' the commissioning and production was done from our base here," said Athreyan Sundararajan, vice-president for marketing and head of factual channels at Fox International Channels M.
who serves as consultant to the lines committee, said that race could be a consideration but not a predominant part in drawing new boundaries for the county.
Community coaching sessions have shown girls play a predominant part in cricket and it's vital we put structures in place to cater for those interested in the sport.
The predominant part of the investor demand came from within the EU, with Germany at 70 percent, followed by the UK at 13 percent and the Benelux - Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg - (eight percent).
The primary investment universe of the fund will be Indian equities and equity-related securities of companies listed in India or which carry out the predominant part of their economic activity there.
Masaharu said Japan could also help Pakistan in the education sector as the predominant part of the countrys workforce comprised youth while the Japanese society was gradually converting into an aging population.
As the security situation improves and we're able, over time, to reduce our forces, the civilian, developmental, economic, other kinds of relations between us will become the predominant part of the relationship," Gates told reporters aboard his plane.
Mrs Potter said: "We chose the hospice since it is in the local community and will, in all probability, play a predominant part in John's palliative care over the forthcoming weeks or months.