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Classified ad models: Business models that are predominantly funded by paying job, real estate or auto advertising customers.
Clearly the message is this: The HBCUs are not going to do to other races, what predominantly white institutions did to black student athletes for so long.
30, 2006) owner, manager and developer of suburban office and industrial properties located predominantly throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Mid-Western states.
But bitterness over the fact that ``The Cosby Show'' was the one megahit that the networks didn't try to endlessly emulate (as they have with the all-white ``Friends'') bubbles up, particularly in light of the fact that at the beginning of the most recent TV season, only seven shows on all six networks featured predominantly African-American casts, four of those from UPN's Monday-night lineup.
Thompson claimed that the NAR's exclusionary rules for accessing the MLS almost drove the predominantly black organization out of business.
The Company produces high-quality sports and gaming entertainment programming and sells advertising and sponsorship opportunities on their TV and radio properties, as well as marketing opportunities to an exclusive database of more than 1 million predominantly male sports and gaming fans.
The pool, used predominantly for therapy by seniors with arthritis, back and joint problems and by children for recreation, will close Sunday for 30 days.
And, the ACLU says predominantly black schools receive 13.
The MARINA study enrolled patients with occult and minimally classic choroidal neovascularization (CNV), the form of CNV found in most patients with wet AMD, while the ANCHOR study enrolled patients with predominantly classic CNV.
Given the fall season's all-white-all-the-time lineup, the mere astonishing fact that this is the only drama on the major networks with a predominantly minority cast rates it immediate and significant attention, but it also places an undue burden on this show.
INSTEON(TM), X-10, and UPB, predominantly take on lighting and appliance control functions but are also found in or applicable to audio/visual, security, landscaping, healthcare, and other applications.
Bochco said dramas with predominantly African-American casts have failed in the past because they were too tightly focused on the experience of being African-American.