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Canadian film history, like most national cinemas, is predominately written as a history of feature narrative films.
Its effects combined with the onslaught of blister rust have meant an ecological double whammy for biodiversity, and the natural recruitment has been predominately lodgepole pine.
The $100,000 gift will "name" a room at Medill's new McCormick Tribune Center, a $21 million building that will house predominately graduate programs in new media, integrated marketing, and broadcast journalism.
has 690 company-operated and 208 branded jobber gasoline and convenience stores predominately located in the central United States.
Nowadays, mainstream black literary poets (as compared to rap or street or revolutionary poets) usually work as teachers in predominately white colleges, and though their subject is often "black," loosely defined, their formal and stylistic concerns place them squarely at the center of American literary values.
The location was in a predominately white commercial area.
There has long been a separate male-fashion business of gay propensity: New York's Raymond Dragon, for example, and mail-order houses such as San Diego's International Male, have served a predominately gay clientale.
Not only will the number of job seekers decline, but the new group will consist predominately of women and immigrants.
There is growing concern about the impact of this trend on visually impaired people competing for education and job opportunities in a predominately sighted world.
The project will be configured predominately in large scale process system modules and interconnecting racks, which will be manufactured and assembled at construction yards before being transported and erected at Das Island.
The properties in this portfolio are located predominately in Southeastern U.
Figure 4 shows castings produced without modifications to the molding sand (additives include predominately western bentonite and no carbonaceous additives).