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Several models have assessed the construct of AI acculturation through a deficit lens, which postulated the continuous substituting of AI traditions and values with those of predominately White culture (Chief, 1940; Hobson, 1994; McShane & Plas, 1982).
Canadian film history, like most national cinemas, is predominately written as a history of feature narrative films.
Its effects combined with the onslaught of blister rust have meant an ecological double whammy for biodiversity, and the natural recruitment has been predominately lodgepole pine.
Histologically, these lesions are predominately chondroblastic.
While he admits to sometimes feeling isolated being black in a predominately white industry, Cox says that in publishing the sky's the limit.
a white-owned pharmaceutical conglomerate, the question again arises: Should prominent black-owned businesses--particularly those that serve a predominately black consumer base or market black-oriented products--be sold to whites?
Adiel Gavish, Program Director of FCWC added, "Off-road vehicles, which predominately include construction equipment, comprise 56 percent of all fine particle pollution in Westchester.
With Wynnchurch's support, we are better positioned to serve the needs of our customer base, which are predominately automotive manufactures and tier-one suppliers.
Mulugeta was 13th in 22 minutes, 38 seconds and Wells-Anders was 31st in 23:08 over the relatively flat and predominately grassy 4.
Boyd and Shropshire examine how it gained such national and international prominence, and, perhaps most interestingly, how it did so in the midst of becoming, more than almost any other, a predominately black sport.
Blacks even began winning mayoral and congressional seats in places that aren't predominately black.