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You write "the right wing Keynesians such as yourself, and others preeminently from the University of Chicago, support monetary policy.
The preeminently customizable body features toy-like simplicity with easily removable and installable body panels and enables the adoption of a wide range of color and design combinations.
Christopher Hitchens is preeminently in the second group.
If the biblical, metaphorical bonds are after all preeminently economic ones, and if "debt" did replace "burden" and "stain," might we not be called to look more closely at our finances the way early church members once did?
We cheer the flashy moves, preeminently the dunk, where another airborne missile rises from the foul line, floats to the hoop, and dunks the ball emphatically over the forest of trees known as the defense.
This, added to his choice of "genres"--hidden-in-plain-sight figures such as flags, alphabets, and numbers--all dotingly painted in encaustic (and superbly drawn, too, mustn't forget drawing, as Johns's gift is preeminently graphic), was noteworthy from the outset.
We are also now looking ahead to setting up a permanently mounted solar facility on the Hanwell site, whose motivation is twofold: firstly, to provide visitors the possibility of a first-hand observational experience during daylight hours, something which may be of particular interest to local schools & colleges; and secondly to use solar astronomy to focus more closely than, in general, our nocturnal public events will do on overtly educational ends in relation to the teaching of the physical sciences, an aim to which the Sun, of all celestial bodies, is preeminently suited.
In this descriptive and analytical, more than theoretically inflected, volume, France Bhattacharya retraces the lives and works of three Bengali intellectuals who wrestled in distinct ways, not only with the political and economic, but also and preeminently, the cultural weight of the colonial regime from the late eighteenth century to the end of the nineteenth.
As he says, "[g]iven that epitaphs and plays are perceived to occupy contrasting positions with respect to the contemporary discourse surrounding sincerity, it is notable how often epitaphs are invoked in the dramas of the period: the preeminently 'sincere' genre within the preeminently 'insincere' genre" (149).
At the same time it calls forth a paradoxical response by announcing the 614th commandment--"to survive as Jews"--famously heard by Fackenheim in 1967 (as Israel was threatened by a second catastrophe that would complete the original) and by disclosing the incarnation of the commandment in particular acts of resistance, tikkunim, protestations of and to human dignity, such as engaged by the preeminently secular fighters in the Warsaw ghetto, the pious Hasidim of Buchenwald, and the Polish Catholic rescuer Pelagia Lewinska.
Bearing in mind that education is preeminently a national exercise and that characteristic of each country is unique, the education ministers agreed to recommend to the Trilateral Summit a programme of cooperation in this field.
And out of this turmoil of discussion come the facts, that the member for Birminghamis preeminently the man of the time, a true man about whose opinions there is a wider diversity than upon those of any other of the present day.