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In this descriptive and analytical, more than theoretically inflected, volume, France Bhattacharya retraces the lives and works of three Bengali intellectuals who wrestled in distinct ways, not only with the political and economic, but also and preeminently, the cultural weight of the colonial regime from the late eighteenth century to the end of the nineteenth.
Bearing in mind that education is preeminently a national exercise and that characteristic of each country is unique, the education ministers agreed to recommend to the Trilateral Summit a programme of cooperation in this field.
Without doing too much violence to the intricacy of its arguments, the volume can be divided into two parts: the first dealing with the invention of Wycliffism as a discrete and dangerous heresy, and likewise of "lollardy" as a category of both condemnation and approbation; and the second dealing with the resonances of Wycliffism that can be traced in the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer (the Man of Law's Tale, the Parson's Tale, and preeminently the Treatise on the Astrolabe), Thomas Hoccleve ("The Address to Sir John Oldcastle" and the Regiment of Princes), John Lydgate ("Procession of Corpus Christi"), and Margery Kempe.
Its main proprietors, the power trio of DJ/producers Jace Clayton aka DJ/Rupture, Matt Schell aka Matt Shadetek, and Roberto Fernandez aka Geko Jones, are dudes preeminently known for soliciting and disseminating the globe's bangingest dancehall, dubstep and cumbia beats.
The Army logistics manager must be preeminently skilled in setting agendas, mapping power structures, networking to build coalitions, and negotiating and bargaining.
It's our crisis of confidence in the values, preeminently freedom, that our culture has carried until very recently.
And out of this turmoil of discussion come the facts, that the member for Birminghamis preeminently the man of the time, a true man about whose opinions there is a wider diversity than upon those of any other of the present day.
With reference to countless other examples, Surowiecki argues that the average of the opinions of a large number of people will nearly always be better than the opinion of one person, even in a field in which that person is preeminently qualified to offer an opinion.
Levinas has seen this revolutionary aspect of the revelation, and by turning away from the understanding of the subject as solipsistic and instead constituting it by its responsibility for another, by justice, Levinas has not only delineated an understanding of the subject that is preeminently social, but also political (despite the frequent charge that his ethics lacks a politics).
Tob" was a preeminently knowledgeable Victorian scholar, but he was much more than that.
T]his is a business judgment preeminently within the business person's own expertise.
32) Class background had not changed since English folklorist Cecil Sharp established the American Branch of the English Folk Song and Dance Society in New York in 1915: the class composition had become less elite, but it has remained preeminently bourgeois and urbane, from affluent suburbs and urban areas.