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Such a concept of ceaseless re(form)ulation orients our perception and invites us to reconsider the preestablished parameters with which we savour aesthetic experiences.
The ability to perform temporal delta checks should include analysis of temporal data and calculation of rates of change as well as absolute changes, in reference to preestablished limits that can vary by patient clinical information such as demographics, diagnoses, therapies.
Both sets of artists engaged in the appropriation of expressionist forms as they moved toward a language in which concrete objects and preestablished visual codes were given a great deal of weight.
Large numbers of drugs can easily be screened against preestablished libraries, with compounds identified by their retention times and a calculated molecular formula.
Conversely, those who lack such agility dismiss new evidence or label new information incorrectly to remain within preestablished concepts.
The report says that the Balkan regions suffers from "the presence of preestablished transnational organised crime networks", adding: "Smuggling via the Balkans has proved to be a low-risk route into the EU.
Points worth emphasising here are that there is quite an extended initial shopping around process, including actually defining what you really, really want in the first place (after the Spice Girls song), and screening of suppliers (against preestablished criteria), formal evaluation and taking references (unless this is just a piece of standard kit).
One can decide to control ants by several criteria: at regular time intervals, when ants are first noticed, when ant populations exceed a preestablished threshold, or after a certain number of complaints.
They also lacked the theological grounding of natural law and the preestablished harmony this entailed: "Rather than originating all at once as a set and then merely awaiting later internationalization, the history of the core values subject to protection by rights is one of construction rather than discovery and contingency rather than necessity.
Intolerant of preestablished designs, bursting out of them, it adapted itself to a tempo that was strictly psychological, musical, and instinctual