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In fact, Origen never affirmed the preexistence of disembodied souls, nor did Gregory ever state that the soul comes into existence together with the mortal body (Gregory was all too aware of the "perishability axiom").
78) Thus, the 'sunset clause' agreement, along with the preexistence of solid institutions, contributed to the prevention of violence at the election.
As we have noted earlier, there are numerous management writings that have observed that the success of empowerment programs in organizations is dependent on the preexistence of trust.
35 (1) is the reconciliation of the preexistence of distinctive Aboriginal societies with the assertion of Crown sovereignty.
An additional exclusion criterion was preexistence or clinical evidence of any gastrointestinal disease, such as inflammatory bowel disease, gastric ulcer, and stomach or intestinal cancer.
The haunted present that is contemporary life can then look to Romanticism as an exemplary form of its own preexistence.
He opened up the question of preexistence and discovered an empirical approach to it.
C pneumoniae is known to attack arterial endothelial cells and become intracellular, causing damage to the vessel lining without the preexistence of an atheromatous deposit.
In the short-run results, the authors do include lagged migration, which is a measure of the extent to which the psychic costs of migration are dampened by the preexistence of networks.
For the real origins of rabbinic thought--when ideas of the preexistence of Torah and oral tradition supplement themes of covenant and afterlife retribution--one must wait for a subsequent volume in which the author plans to continue this survey of intellectual history from Daniel to the Mishnah.
16] reported that the curing reaction of the DGEBA/4,4'-methylene (MDA)/phenyl glycidyl (PGE)-acetamide (AcAm) system is autocatalytic, independently of the catalytic reaction, because of the preexistence of the hydroxyl group in PGE-AcAm as a catalyst.