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Of preexistence, Wordsworth says, though "not advanced
In fact, Origen never affirmed the preexistence of disembodied souls, nor did Gregory ever state that the soul comes into existence together with the mortal body (Gregory was all too aware of the "perishability axiom").
A few things account for this success: the preexistence of solid institutions, which definitely contributed to avoiding violence, and strong and stable institutions, which are vital ingredients for organizing peaceful elections.
35 (1) is the reconciliation of the preexistence of distinctive Aboriginal societies with the assertion of Crown sovereignty.
The most famous of these, The Civic Culture, by Gabriel Almond and Sydney Verba claimed that the success of democracy was due to the preexistence.
Since, hypothetically, we are all in possession of it, reason is both always within us, here and now as part of our living, and yet always part of others, elsewhere and in our preexistence and death.
These institutions implied the preexistence of local networks where formal and informal forms of authority established traditions of self-governance.
He opened up the question of preexistence and discovered an empirical approach to it.
For the real origins of rabbinic thought--when ideas of the preexistence of Torah and oral tradition supplement themes of covenant and afterlife retribution--one must wait for a subsequent volume in which the author plans to continue this survey of intellectual history from Daniel to the Mishnah.
Repeatedly, Lead is divinely counseled not to question or analyze these moments of mystical union, which provide both a remembrance and a foretaste of the eternal birth and preexistence in God.
Van der Peet, (31) where it described section 35 as the constitutional framework within which the preexistence of distinctive Aboriginal societies with their own traditions, practices, and cultures is acknowledged and reconciled with the sovereignty of the Crown.
I often wonder whether I would have ever been born if my preexistence had gone through this completely different scenario.