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I suspect that Aldrich was intelligent enough to realize that his own gift for melodic invention was not strong (his original anthems are proof of this) and that he sought to rectify this lack to some extent--perhaps even to discover what constituted fine invention--by building on preexistent material.
It is a very undeveloped adoptionist Christology, or more accurately, a monotheistic theology with roles for a preexistent but not necessarily divine spirit and the exalted Son of God.
Meaning (whether musical, verbal, or visual) is constantly negotiated: it results from the intersection of various media, rather than being inherent or preexistent in any single medium.
Succeeding chapters illustrate how agreements among people (promises, responsibilities, common projects that generate loyalties) serve to underlie morality, rather than resting upon a preexistent morality.
5, the only instance where Rossini uses a preexistent melody ("Un'empia mel rapi
His work is "fundamentally flawed" by the "descredited" (sic, 274) doctrine of the soul's fall from a preexistent state, which O'Connell has "foisted" (33-34, cf.
The focus on "models" determines which of the masses Fitch treats in detail, namely those incorporating preexistent material derived from plainchant or secular song.
s contention in The Christ that the preexistent divine being of the Son has the purely functional character of mediating Jesus Christ.
The metrical irregularity of "Flow my tears" is a kind that allows little doubt that Dowland composed the words to a preexistent melody that he made his "signature tune.
At one point he argues that Scripture will not bear more than the idea of a preexistent Logos asarkos.
Chapter 11 relates the numerous contrapuntal citations and allusions to preexistent works found in the music of this period, to contemporaneous humanist rhetoric, while chapter 12 takes a fresh and insightful look at the patronage situation in Rome in the early years of the sixteenth century.
The volume contains a collection of newly compiled essays and preexistent lectures, chapters, journal articles, book reviews, and prefaces, arranged systematically to cover the diverse terrain of Jewish music.