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The bill, as amended, prohibits a group health benefit plan from imposing a preexisting condition exclusion or any coverage limitations related to a preexisting condition.
The bill "doesn't change [protections for] preexisting illnesses, which is good," he said.
1471-5(g)(3)(i)(B) is modified to provide that a participating FFI must treat any preexisting account that is a high-value account as held by a recalcitrant account holder unless the participating FFI has performed the requisite identification procedures and obtained the appropriate documentation by the later of Dec.
However, the overall problem of coverage for preexisting conditions remains relatively limited, despite some exaggerated rhetoric used to promote enactment of the ACA.
Under the proposal, insurers also are banned from raising premiums based on health status, preexisting conditions, claims history gender, duration of coverage, occupation, or employer size.
The HHS analysis found that between 50 million and 129 million people in the United States under age 65 (between 19% and 50% of those in that age group) have some type of preexisting condition.
In the study, which involved more than 171,000 pregnant women with preexisting (chronic) hypertension, the rate of adverse fetal outcomes with ongoing pregnancy rose and the rate of neonatal adverse outcomes after labor induction fell in nonlinear fashion between the gestational ages of 36 and 41 weeks.
PEDIATRIC NEWS: How important is the ban on preexisting condition exclusions in children, in terms of access to insurance and coverage for treatments?
Insurance premiums can skyrocket if the applicant is high risk and the applicant can be denied due to a preexisting health condition.
In the draft guidance released in October 2007, FDA recommends drug developers enroll patients with preexisting liver disease in at least Phase III clinical trials, especially if the drug might eventually be used in such patients.
Combat this defense during voir dire by securing a commitment from jurors that they will not assess damages based on preexisting conditions.
Results showed that all 5 patients treated locally with Aastrom's TRCs, exhibited a statistically significant increase in bone height at the 3-month evaluation point, and the cell graft had started to integrate with the surrounding preexisting bone of the upper jaw by 4 months, with no cell-related adverse events.