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to ask for a preface, he would first have to qualify the excellences of
More specifically, the translators use the preface to explain their choice of text and their selection of strategies for specific problems in the text.
In the usually limited space that translators are granted to present their work and discuss its nuances as well as the methods and solutions adopted to solve the various challenges encountered along the way, the translator's preface or note (which at times is tacked on to the introduction or smuggled into the acknowledgments) represents a rare exception.
These front matter pages may include: foreword, preface by the editor, preface, acknowledgements and introduction.
The peculiar teleological position of the printed book's preface, however, provides both a pre-emptive and posthumous defence of Askew's engagement with the Bible, asserting from a retrospective vantage point that, 'in her language [was] the lawe of grace'.
But what paths to interpretation may emerge if we incorporate the preface into our reading?
Not until 1830 does Lamartine speak about poetry in his own voice, in the Discours de reception a l'Academie francaise praising his predecessor the Count Daru (translator of Horace) and in the preface to Harmonies poetiques et religieuses, where he articulates a symphonic poetics arising from the fusion of personal anguish and religious faith with the natural world.
Swapan says his preface is an honest message to the protestors who had taken to the streets of Oman recently.
As Ioana Galleron argues in the introduction to the anthology-and the essays support her contention--the development of the preface over the long eighteenth century demonstrates the emergence of an increasingly erudite orientation, but one that none the less allows at times for the voicing of strong opinions (p.
The name Preface Publishing has been confirmed as the new independent imprint from Trevor Dolby and Rosie de Courcy, backed by Random House.
Henle URTEXT Edition; Contents: preface, music, comments.
In a discussion of Christology in the course that produced Preface to Theology, which I took with John Howard Yoder nearly 40 years ago, he said that a crucial issue concerned the category that we should use to talk about continuity between God and Jesus.