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This is clearly a more dignified setting, and perhaps it's time to reclaim these objects from scholars who would prefer aesthetic delights to be prefaced by helpings of verbose texts.
Arranged by subject and prefaced by short introductory notes, the puzzles range from algebraic problems such as "Was Fermat Wrong?
Each play in the primary text is prefaced by a brief biography of the playwright: Raffi Arzoomanian: Ellis Island 101 (37-46); William Soroyan: Armenians (47-82); Nishan Parlakian: Grandma, Pray for Me (83-122); Barbara Bejoian: Dance Mama, Dance (123-74); Leslie Ayvazian: Nine Armenians (175-232); Herand Markarian: Mirrors (233-76); William Rolleri and Anna Antaramian: The Armenian Question (277-342); and Joyce Van Dyke: A Girl's War (343-408).