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An essay by Groody or Gutierrez would have given the book more theological weight and cemented the importance of moving the preferential option for the poor beyond theology.
They insisted that a ruling of the energy watchdog on renewable electricity preferential tariffs did not reach the targets stipulated in the Renewable Energy Sources Act, thereby encouraging the production of electricity from conventional sources instead of providing incentives for green energy producers.
The remaining $70,000 of preferential income is taxed at 15% because the income is in the 25% bracket.
Respondents who reported receiving preferential treatment from their bosses reported feeling a greater sense of self-worth in their jobs.
The functioning of the preferential trade deal would further boost trade among the OIC countries.
At Preferential Direct we have a wide range of policies for the over 65s and all can include cover for pre-existing medical conditions.
The company informed the German customs authorities that the products originated in Israel and therefore sought preferential treatment under the EC-Israel Agreement.
Tsai Chung-yi, vice president of Farglory Group, noted that the mortgage program enables the government to spend limited money in exchange for robust economy growth, adding that prospective housing buyers may rush to scramble for the remaining quota of the preferential mortgage, giving the market a strong boost in the short term.
Historically, the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), for which I was Deputy Counsel from 1998 through 2004, followed by Deputy Commissioner through 2008, took the position that when an owner elected to collect a lower preferential rent, all future increases would be based upon the lower rate.
Auto Business News-7 April 2009-China Automotive Systems' subsidiaries gain preferential tax treatment(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Absence of preferential looking to the eyes of approaching adults predicts level of social disability in two-year old toddlers with autism spectrum disorder.