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The native people of Mexico may have been preferentially infected because they worked the agricultural fields and facilities that were presumably infested with infected rodents.
Since at a given voltage, copper will plate out preferentially before the zinc, the copper concentration is controlled by a complexing ion which temporarily deactivates some of the copper.
The assumption that genes are preferentially expressed when their function is required allows inference of gene function directly from physiologic gene response.
The question of how exposure to dioxins might affect only males and why it affects preferentially male embryos in the Seveso data presented by Mocarelli et al.
Therefore any gas molecule would be preferentially adsorbed at these sites of maximum energy.
Because rats always choose the sugar water, the researchers pegged the animals' sensitivity threshold at the lowest sucrose concentration at which the animals would begin preferentially choosing sugar water.
He was intrigued by the instances in which species seemed to preferentially occur together after the invasion.
Client fish seem to keep track of the reputation of specific cleaner wrasses, preferentially visiting those previously seen with an unruffled customer, he reports in the Oct.
Overall, males preferentially associated with females of high rank and in a fertile reproductive state.
One popular theory is that certain naturally occur ring forms of UV radiation, called circularly polarized light, preferentially produce left-handed varieties in interstellar space.