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His talent as a Tory propagandist won favor with well-connected statesmen, like Robert (Harley), Earl of Oxford; but for all of his work in London political circles, Swift was denied what he most coveted: a preferment in the Church of England.
Analyst Update: Leadership Preferment, Sustainability Targets, Store Inaugurations, Awards and Fi nancial Results
Beyond its preferment to a four-star command, USARPAC is now a Theater Joint Land Component Command broadening the sphere of its regional responsibilities.
The preferment of Mr Juncker makes an in-out referendum a national imperative.
In fact, the two Vatican Councils may also be seen as sequential rejections of Gallicanism: the rejection of "absolutism" at the first, the loss of preferment at the second.
In any case, if Mary really believes there is no distinction within the church, what about her brother-in-law's later preferment to Westminster, despite all his personal failings?
Building professional business network with other companies, potential investors and industry experts increases the chances for further preferment and expansion to the global marketplace,” said Ljupcho Antovski, the COO of iVote.
He could flatter with the best of them occasionally but he was never a careerist, a brown-noser, a systematic butterer-up of those who could get him preferment.
By the law, a tree-day period has to pass before the individual appears for preferment," Arnaudova explained, as sited by the BGNES agency.
It appears the only source of atonement for these pillars of the British establishment is preferment to the House of Lords, with all its entitlements, generous fees and expenses for daily attendance.
A second contrast with previous collections is the lack of preferment accorded to the Child ballads, which accounted for a quarter of Sharp's chosen hundred and a similar percentage in The Penguin Book.
Elizabeth's marriage is "profitable to her bloud," a means for the queen to elevate herself and her family through Edward's preferment, and her recognition and use of that profit is presented as shrewd but not inappropriate.