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And old words for land measurements such as oxgangs (the amount of land an ox team can plough in a day), preferments, roods, perches, chains and furlongs had to be translated for the modern-day database.
The Orthodox position derives in part from long historical conditioning that in the Byzantine and Russian Empires meant state preferments for established Orthodox churches and an absence of religious pluralism.
to govern their subjects in a haughty and avaricious manner, to fester in inactivity, to dispense their military preferments as favors, to despise anyone who showed the slightest merit, and to wish that their words be considered the sayings of oracles.
Those impatient persons, who, in the present age of hurry, would deprive all clergymen of their preferments at a certain age, besides wasting a large sum in pensions, would have called upon the Apostle St.