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Not only is the literal level of the biblical narrative historically true, but it is also spiritually prefigurative, with the Old Testament prefiguring the New, revealing Christ as the center of the narrative.
The communes were expressions of New Left counterculture that valued both strategic and prefigurative politics.
To propose that 'means' should not be sacrificed for ends and that prefigurative or transformative practice, continues to reflect a contemporary Australian feminist quest, as references to the 1993 Australian survey will illustrate (Weeks 1994).
Indeed, at the end of the story Jimmy makes the prefigurative nature of his visit clear himself, when upon departing North Pentecost he tells his friend Gigiala that, despite leaving, he will remain forever in the physical memory of Western goods.
27) In effect, Isaac gives imaginative birth to Eunice-as-suicide so that she can stand in iconic and prefigurative relation to his own social suicide (more of this later).
In a prefigurative episode, she makes use of Indiana's writing paper and wax, in an attempt at appropriation that only reveals her embarrassing lack of education and expression,
Starobinski's analysis of the structure of retrospection suggests a way of imagining Pater's critical stance, which not only must organize a multiplicity of prefigurative pasts under the auspices of a present moment of reflection but also must allow for mobility among its related "subject positions.
In terms of literary technique, a form of prefigurative typology that subsumes ever greater spatial and temporal domains allies itself to a more epic version of promanteusis or praemonitio.
Dixon's argument that Left political projects must be focused on "wholeness, affective organizing, and being nice" (89) does not equate planting a community garden with revolution, as caricaturists of prefigurative politics often have it.
But Breines, like other observers, did not see a prefigurative orientation as a recipe for success.
His characters are completely physical in a physical world," writes Harold Bloom, and Susan Wolfson comments that they are "figures of pure art," in effect, prefigurative.
While Christianity replaces Judaism as the Bible is read for its prefigurative meaning, it is violence that distinguishes the circumcision of Moses' son and a calm atmosphere that of Christ.