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6) A prefigurement of this book can be found in Linda Tamura, "The Hood River Issei: Oral History and the Japanese Settlement in Hood River, Oregon," International Journal of Oral History 9 (November 1988): 221-26.
96) It was not exclusively urban; neither was it, in any straightforward way, a prefigurement of nineteenth-century middle-class consciousness.
He is an instance of a prefigurement of the present and, that present having come to pass, a figure of authorization.
The major part of the story is devoted to the Penologist's insinuation and prefigurement of his performances both in the past and in the future.
Figural interpretation was essentially dependent upon the reader respecting the specific way in which the text presented the event; therefore, when the text came to be viewed primarily as a source for the reconstruction of an independent event lying behind it, there was then no possibility of seeing that event as a prefigurement of another.
All except one, an orthopedic surgeon from southern California who, I've since decided, is the prefigurement of humankind's next evolutionary advancement.
The sense of prefigurement is inscribed in the use of the future tense: "your steps will hurt you,/you will arrive/as usual" (my emphasis).
For example, in the Vulgate the incidents grouped together by Malory as the story of the Knight of the Cart appeared long before the Grail quest; Malory puts them long after and organizes them as an exemplum of Launcelot's noble ideals rather than as a prefigurement of his amatory commitment.
Spain should stand for the Filipino's Latin heritage that had been challenged and eventually deposed by the Anglo-American incursions (the unsuccessful British incursion in the 18th century and the successful US invasion at the turn of the 20th century); and Mexico representing not only the Philippines' introduction to the world political economy via the historic Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade but also a prefigurement of her own experience with US imperial aggression since Mexico had suffered earlier from US expansionism as shown by the annexation of Texas and the Mexican-American war.
Jesus makes Jonah a type of himself (that is, a prefigurement of himself) as judge when he says: "Behold, something greater than Jonah is here.
The former position therefore justifies the liturgical practice of juxtaposing passages from the Old and New Testaments, given that the history of Israel before the time of Christ was a prefigurement of what was to come: "Now these things were written down for our instruction, upon whom the end of the ages has come" (1 Cor 10.