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PREHENSION. The lawful taking of a thing with an intent to, assert a right in it.

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Joint Angle ([degrees]) Grasp LP TP PP HK PT CP HF Thumb Rotation 20 90 90 0 0 90 0 Thumb Flexion 90 65 65 90 90 65 0 Index Flexion 70 70 70 70 0 45 0 Middle Flexion 80 0 80 80 80 55 0 Ring Flexion 80 0 80 80 80 65 0 Little Flexion 80 0 80 80 80 65 0 CP = cylindrical prehension, HF = hand flat, HK = hook, LP = lateral prehension, PP = palmar prehension, PT = pointer, TP = tip prehension.
She critically assesses the authenticity of prehension and hafting traces, asking questions such as: "At which stage are hafting traces formed?
However, a prehension is also a process of appropriation of an element of, or derived from, an actual entity, which changes the internal constitution of the prehending subject.
CNCSIS Final Report of Romanian project Autonomous prehension system to support handicapped human beings or access into dangerous areas.
The manner in which this possibility is felt by the nascent occasion, the subjective form of its prehension, is not necessarily how it was felt by that past occasion.
Laterlization of the approach movement and the prehension movement in infants from 4 to 7 months.
The infant starts with random and thrashing arm movements, settling down to the thumb and index finger at about 12 months, prehension as it is called.
The metacarpophalangeal joint will slowly pass into hyperextension and radial deviation to accommodate prehension.
Like Tamburlaine's sword, the map is now a kind of mental hand-prop, an organ of imaginative prehension.
The poem thus demonstrates Auden's prehension of the paradoxical notion that we can come to know our increasingly indeterminate reality by exploring the non-verifiable realities of fictions.
Expression of magnus tonic neck reflexes in distal muscles of prehension in normal adults.
No longer capable of maintaining its object at the remove of representation, seeing grasplit so greedily as to absorb it into the opacity of the perceiving body itself--thus subsuming sight within a broader field of fundamentally tactile prehension.