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On Voting Rights: "I can't prejudge what is going to be in the next round on it.
I do not want to prejudge this because we have a disciplinary process to go through but it looks as though somebody has done something pretty stupid.
We are not going, of course, to prejudge the conclusions of this group .
Fear, pessimism, prejudge, bigotry are all, mountains - big ones at that - needing to be removed.
A spokesman said: "We cannot prejudge the outcome of any decision of the policy and resources meeting on Thursday, but we are looking at ways in which we can open up the market for even more competitive tenders.
Asked about the agenda, Qureshi said, We cant prejudge the outcome of the meeting, and added that it was an important meeting between two important leaders.
I don't want to prejudge things before meeting with him.
I can understand that there is an eagerness for more information on the problems but at this stage I think it is important that we let the parties communicate and it would be inappropriate for me to prejudge any outcome or explain the issues much more at this particular point.
LOCAL government minister John Healey last night urged people living in Northumberland not to prejudge their forthcoming new council.
What gives these insurers the right to prejudge a driver, whether they are young or old, before they even set foot in their vehicle.
Senator Leahy is setting a dangerous precedent by demanding that Judge Roberts prejudge a hypothetical abortion case.
You don't want to prejudge Lucas, but she clearly would be indebted to Koester, in step with her benefactor.