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In delivering this charge to Tinkler, Mr Dorrit looked severely at him, and also kept a jealous eye upon him until he went out at the door, mistrusting that he might have something in his mind prejudicial to the family dignity; that he might have even got wind of some Collegiate joke before he came into the service, and might be derisively reviving its remembrance at the present moment.
The Pembrokeshireborn jockey has been charged by the British Horseracing Authority with conduct prejudicial to the sport.
Hanan Ashrawi, strongly condemned Israel's latest prejudicial facts on the ground, which included the approval of 186 illegal settlement units in Occupied East Jerusalem, the killing of 15-year-old Yousef Nayif Yousef Shawamrah Abu Akar in Hebron, and the proposed Knesset legislation to extend the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law which severely limits reunification for Palestinian families.
4(d) (conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice).
Why must Americans be continually divided into prejudicial, self-imposed, segregated cultural groups, rather than a people from diversified backgrounds, religions and races, who are free to identify as they wish, but maintaining a unified, constitutionally based commonality?
The first is collecting information for a purpose prejudicial to the safety or interests of the state between November 18 last year and March 7 this year.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Clark said there needed to be procedures to ensure prejudicial material was immediately taken down from social media sites.
Burns fan and equal rights campaigner Cox said the poet "must be performing back flips in his mausoleum at the sheer prejudicial idiocy of these individuals".
The 31-year-old Samoan was found guilty of two of three charges of "conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game" relating to comments made on his Twitter account.
In fact, the public expressed considerable opposition during the five hearings that took place between January and July 2010, which, according to Davison, "took the form of prejudicial and discriminatory comments--both by the objectors in the audience, as well as by some members of the board.
Summary: Rabat - The public prosecutor at Rabat's appeal court denied, after visiting Wednesday the various buildings of the administrative headquarters of the intelligence service "Direction gA'nA'rale de la Surveillance du territoire (DST)" in Temara, the existence of a "secret detention facility which could be used for acts prejudicial to human rights.
Berkswell and Old Coventrians both admitted two charges of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Union and/or game contrary to Rule 5.