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Despite certain prejudicially radical or disruptive accents, each of these four "prophets of extremity" helps us grasp the scope for an expanded range of questioning, beyond what Croce and Gadamer seem to warrant.
These public policy considerations can come into direct opposition to the ends of justice when a verdict has been prejudicially affected by acts of misconduct on the part of jurors.
It is observed that the disclosure of the records was withheld under Section 8(1)(a) of RTI Act on the grounds that it would prejudicially affect relations with foreign countries.
Disclosure of documents contained in these files would prejudicially affect relations with foreign countries.
and the listed known and unknown persons for violation of various sections of IPC 1860 and IT Act, 2000 and to direct the Department of Telecom to take necessary steps to filter, screen and remove all the illegal content on all social networking platforms that is likely to prejudicially affect the minority community.
Blasphemy's repeal came into force on 8th July 2008 after much campaigning against it by free speech activists, so there is no longer a law which operates prejudicially in favour of one religion in the United Kingdom, which was an indefensible situation in a religiously-plural state.
The Federal Court of Appeal in Rothmans held that applicants will be "directly affected" within the meaning of the Act by decisions that "affect their interests prejudicially in any direct sense.
He appeared at Durham Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to a charge of distributing an article - namely "Sony Software Development Kit and PhyreEngine" which prejudicially infringed the copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd (SCEE).
to affect prejudicially any proprietary or other right of the State
only perpetuates a prejudicially motivated amendment, but also impinges
The defendant Buddy John Savich acted prejudicially when he entered into a residential lease agreement with a private party concerning a home owned by the LLC.
Consider, as an example of how adrift one can become without metaphysical rootedness, Nussbaum's remark that "the Aristotelian conception can indeed be prejudicially applied.