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Vanstone, are to add one to the number of these eases, the usual preliminaries of marriage among the higher classes must be hastened by some means.
To-day the preliminaries, to-morrow or next day the ceremony
In an hour's time we had arranged all the preliminaries, and decided upon our plan of action.
Timidity, therefore, confined her observation of the appearances which we have described to stoles glances; but, as the stamping of feet was now becoming less frequent, and even the coughing, and other little preliminaries of a congregation settling themselves down into reverential attention, were ceasing, she felt emboldened to look around her.
Night had just spread her thick veil over the yellow waters of the Thames; they heard those noises of casks and pulleys, the preliminaries of preparing to sail which had so many times made the hearts of the musketeers beat when the dangers of the sea were the least of those they were going to face.
At length the preliminaries were all happily adjusted.
And it was a relief to me when he came with few preliminaries to the inevitable point.
If not it is merely a question of settling where the preliminaries of the new Campo Formio are to be drawn up.
Cadwallader have been at all busy about Miss Brooke's marriage; and why, when one match that she liked to think she had a hand in was frustrated, should she have straightway contrived the preliminaries of another?
When it is wanted: we must get the house, and settle on preliminaries first.
When dogs fight, there are usually preliminaries to the actual combat--snarlings and bristlings and stiff-legged struttings.
The preliminaries once over, they came to depend a great deal upon each other, and Wilson, after his day's reading, often went round to Bedford Square for his tea.