preliminary condition

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While telling the preliminary condition for a success in peace talks, Powell said that parties should understand that they would not be able to win through military ways.
This common vision, it continues, "is the preliminary condition for a rapid return to normal economic activity in the country.
But we do not regard a recognition of genocide as a preliminary condition for establishing relations.
A preliminary condition for continued progress, Salina said, "is a return to the spirit, ideals and hopes of the founding fathers.
The preliminary condition of the officers is pretty good.
Includes: o A detailed site survey (grades, property boundaries, ownerships, existing natural features, built improvements, utilities, water features, fences, gates, and signs); geotechnical investigation; engineering document research (MDT, MRL, BNSF bridge plans and including collection of available agency information regards planned or scheduled future major maintenance or improvement to the bridges); preliminary condition assessment of the current bridge abutments, adjacent pier and fill slope; o Provide a recommendation on generally how best to route trail improvements and method of under crossing each of the three bridges, and for providing overhead protection from debris that could fall from use of the railroad for trail users passing under the railroad bridge.
The Administrative Authority, in coordination with the PPP Central Unit, can invite qualified Investors for private preliminary meetings and sessions to discuss issues related to the project specifications and initial preliminary conditions.
The following preliminary conditions for the development of the new bath were passed - 3 pools (sports, Lehrschwimm- and kiddie pool);- Lap pool 25 meters with side entry and diving boards (ie, 1-meter board and 3-meter diving platform), semi-solid starting blocks, on the other side opportunity for mobile starting blocks;- Lehrschwimmbecken (12.
Bulgariaas Finance Minister suggested that there were no preliminary conditions for participation in ERM II, adding that the candidate had to match the requirements of the eurozone countries for structural reforms and stability.
The faction voiced its preliminary conditions for entry into coalition, however, each point of conditions should be considered separately, he added.
The Russian side has expressed satisfaction with the repeatedly confirmed readiness of Damascus to take constructive participation in this forum (Geneva-2) without any preliminary conditions, as well as with the Syrian representatives' state of mind aimed at further improvement of the cooperation between the authorities in Syria and international humanitarian agencies and NGOs with the purpose of alleviating sufferings of the peaceful Syrian population caused by the continuing military confrontation in this country", - Moscow stressed.
This means the factory will be taken out of the restrictive privatizations list, thus it can be sold by Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency (PPCA) without any preliminary conditions and clauses.

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