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The Premier sprang to his feet with that quick, fierce gleam of his deep-set eyes before which a Cabinet has cowered.
Holmes wrote a name upon a slip of paper and handed it to the Premier.
The Premier placed his hand kindly upon his shoulder.
Surely it is easily, decided, Hope," said the Premier.
The Premier snatched the blue envelope from his hand.
It was a January the Premier came, to address his loyal supporters and such of his nonsupporters as chose to be present at the monster mass meeting held in Charlottetown.
Well, he never got to be Premier on account of his looks," said Marilla.
Their host, the Duke of Dorset, in whose splendid library they were assembled, was, if not the premier duke of the United Kingdom, at least one of those whose many hereditary offices and ancient family entitled him to a foremost place in the aristocracy of the world.
It is true that every new premier and every new government, coming in because they had upheld a certain thing as necessary to be done, were no sooner come in than they applied their utmost faculties to discovering How not to do it.
Under the agreement, Premier healthcare organizations that use HBOC's decision support systems can subscribe to the family of performance improvement systems developed by Premier's Decision Support Services group.
4 million customers per year - and its neighbor, Hurricane Harbor, is among a dozen Six Flags parks being bought by Premier Parks of Oklahoma City from a partnership led by Time Warner Inc.
Premier Commercial Bank (PCB), a subsidiary of Premier Commercial Bancorp (OTCBB:PCBP), announces the opening of its Irvine deposit/loan production office located at 2201 Dupont Drive, Suite 140, in Irvine, Calif.