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ABC: ``Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'' premieres 9/26.
OAKLAND BALLET offers world premieres by Robert Henry Johnson (with music by Zap Mama; still untitled, September 14-16), Michael Lowe (Bamboo), and Reginald Ray Savage (Faux Pas) (November 16--18); and Oakland premieres by Trey McIntyre (Like a Samba) and Francesca Harper (Dark Light) (October 12-14).
Mann's Village Theatre and ArcLight Cinema's Cinerama Dome have hosted some of Hollywood's biggest premieres, and have dazzled moviegoers for over a half century.
In fact, the night looked like more of a business dinner, which, in fact, premieres really are.
The season opener features a world premiere by Kirk Peterson, company premieres by Mark Godden and Lustig.
We recently installed the NEC STARUS NC2500S Digital Cinema projector which enhances the quality of the movies we run and is another reason The Ziegfeld Theatre will continue to be the destination for Hollywood's hottest premieres on the East Coast.
So we're taking advantage of that great Tuesday time slot to expose the show to a much larger audience than we'd get if we premiered it on the 18th opposite the 'Law & Order' season premiere.
Rob Sorcher, AMC's Executive Vice President of programming, packaging and production stated: "We're thrilled so many viewers chose to join AMC for our premiere of Broken Trial, and the continued rating success across night two is a testament to the cinematic quality of this epic movie.
The Derby Stallion" will make its Southern California premiere on Saturday, April 22nd at 1:30 p.
Court TV premieres its latest installment of the Safety Challenge series with The Court TV Safety Challenge: Behind the Wheel.
John Daly, the producer who was instrumental in his films achieving 21 Oscar nominations and winning 13 Oscars with an unprecedented Best Picture award two years in a row for the films Platoon in 1986 and The Last Emperor in 1987, will bring the world premiere of his directorial debut of The Petersburg-Cannes Express to Palm Springs, March 6, 2003.