premium bond

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Premium Bond holders can reduce the chances of their prizes going unclaimed by registering to have any prizes paid directly into their bank accounts.
In a move affecting more than 21 million customers, the changes which took place from May 1 apply to Premium Bonds, the Direct Isa, the Direct Saver and Income Bonds.
Since then, the top prize has increased to PS1million and NS&I - who organise the draws - have made 350 Premium Bonds millionaires.
Previously, the odds had been more favourable, at 26,000-1, but earlier this year NS&I announced a string of rate cuts across its products as well as changes to premium bond prizes.
Although a premium bond has a higher price tagthan a par bond, it doesn't cost more to buy a premium bond.
So, for customers who already hold Premium Bonds, they can now buy more by making a transfer from their bank account directly to us.
In total, the region has 35,703 unclaimed premium bond wins, worth a huge PS1,684,500.
You simply go into the next monthly Premium Bond draw.
A CONSUMER website has launched a scathing attack on Premium Bonds, claiming most people would be better off putting their cash into a savings account.
But the interest rate which decides the Premium Bond prize kitty has fallen five times in 2008.
TWO women in the West Midlands have each scooped pounds 1 million premium bond jackpots.