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And he told Celtic skipper Scott Brown before the game that if his premonition came true no one else would be allowed to claim the ball.
Perhaps he had a premonition of the article "Devolution And What Rhodri Didn't Tell You" which appeared in the Echo next day.
It was a premonition and it happens again and again.
I ONCE had a strange premonition I felt a weird thought coming on, I viewed this idea with derision Such a notion should never be born.
AFTER an engrossing and unsettling first 30 minutes, I had a premonition about Mennan Yapo's time-bending psychological thriller: that all of the intriguing questions about the immutability of fate would amount to nothing.
Nikitta was spurred to audition for the show after Linda had a premonition her daughter would achieve fame at 17.
In her imagining, the troupe teeters on the verge of extinction while a Southern California backdrop becomes a potent evocation of empire past, equally catastrophe's hallucinatory premonition and its exacting if elegiac consequence.
It's strange because I had a premonition that I would pass a shop with a tarot card in the window and this would come from it," said Samantha, from Portrack.
William Carter is accused of killing Ishfaq Ahmed outside the Premonition club in Bristol Street, Birmingham, on November 20.
Soon after, cheerleader Minxie Hayes (Nicki Aycox) experiences a terrifying premonition that someone, or rather something, is hunting them.
I can only assume that the family of Francis Jeffers must have had a startling premonition when - 18 months before his Everton contract ended - they were telling any scouser who would listen that their pride and joy was heading to Highbury.
In Hubertus Gunther's wonderful essay, 'The Renaissance and Antiquity', we see disturbing premonition of our own times, with the monumentalization of cities at the expense of the quotidian urban fabric.