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Our thoughts are also with Premier Prentices friends and colleagues.
Mr Prentice said the defence would suggest there was a conspiracy against Ronnie Coulter, and that Andrew Coulter had tried to pin the murder on him "for revenge or whatever".
We give the small producer that little sliver of product and he comes out of the refinery with the same hedge as an integrated oil company," said Prentice.
Prentice, of Dinnington, South Yorks, pleaded guilty to abusing her position of trust, at Nottingham Crown Court in 2005.
Prentice has spent the past 16 years in healthcare management roles with a focus on advancing new technologies in surgical fields.
Prior to joining Mazor in 2010, Prentice held leadership positions in marketing and sales at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a Johnson & Johnson company, Intuitive Surgical Inc and in finance at Tampa General Hospital.
Mr Prentice trained at Moseley Road School of Art and Birmingham School of Art and played a leading role in founding Ikon Gallery in 1964.
In Manitoba, Prentice said, ice roads are useful for half the time they used to be, and all-weather roads are being threatened by melting permafrost, which can drop the road three to four feet below where it should be.
But my face had burned for days after Prentice left, because I did not say it when I first got the chance.
In the women's competition, Prentice and Fell finished level on 5404 points with Prentice taking the junior title and Fell the senior.
Prentice, 48, started peddling Viagra last week after Tesco announced they were selling the drug cheaper without prescription.