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Are you trying to suggest somehow that God preordained rape, no I don't think that.
Frankie Dettori played his preordained role of hare aboard Farhh, while Thierry Jarnet bided his time on Moonlight Cloud, whose two previous Group 1 victories had come over 6'f.
24bn will be saved, which suggests he has preordained how many benefit claims will fail.
Double digit growth that would propel the country to economic super power status was almost regarded as preordained.
The dreaded bell curve that has haunted generations of students with seemingly preordained grades also has migrated into business as the standard for assessing employee performance, but it now turns out--revealed in a study by Indiana University, Bloomington--that individual performance unfolds not on a bell curve, but on a "power-law" distribution, with a few elite performers driving most output and an equally small group tied to damaging unethical or criminal activity.
There are others that are forming that are taking the traditional tact of pursuing the truth wherever it leads, without a preordained direction, and we tend to trust those, I think, a little bit more, because they have a track record--the good ones--of being balanced.
Perhaps his patriotism was preordained given that he was born on July 4.
By ANTHONY CLAVANE IF everything goes according to plan and, on the men's side at least, this tournament has yet to deviate one iota from its preordained script.
What if everything we do has been preordained as part of some invisible grand design?
His belief that poetry need not be fitted to a preordained structure nor expressed in elegant language also began with his faith along with a reading of transcendentalists such as Emerson.
Jonathan Cole, John Mitchell Mason University Professor at Columbia University, notes that the preeminence of American universities was not preordained, but rather a result of intentional policies that provided the structure, values and support that allowed American universities to flourish within the last century.